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noiembrie 2023



For the readers of the Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World Journal, for the authors of the articles, for the editorial team, the year 2023 is a special year: a year of memories and achievements, of the passage of time and expectations, of self – control and joy, of optimism and enrichment in beauty, of good, of justice, of gratitude, appreciation, love, …. Finally, of youth without old age and life without death (that’s what Petre Ispirescu, the author of the most beautiful Romanian fairy tales would have said).


It’s a reason to celebrate. Our journal has achieved 20 years or two decades, and we have covered another 20 years on the stage of life. We rejoiced together, we celebrated together at every appearance of the journal, in the month of November of every year. It is a generous balance sheet, which we tried together to ennoble, to add carats to it and to enliven it.


The patina of time slipped away in the silence of thanks, that every time we grow, that next time will be better, that next time we will make better, more interesting articles, with greater scientific interest. And so it was. These years have confirmed this. Then I realized what Jean Jaurès wrote: „You don’t teach others what you want, you don’t teach them what you know, you teach them who you are.” Life has confirmed this truth.


Here it is also a moment of appreciation and thanks. So, thanks to:

– the editorial team of the journal, the colleagues from the country and abroad who were kind enough to cooperate with us, to express their opinions, challenges and give us suggestions and proposals;

– to all the authors of the works, who wrote interesting, current, educational topics or shared their own experience;

– to the two colleagues: Valentin Cosmin Blândul and Aurelian Leonard Ilie, who wrote every year of the journal’s history;

– colleagues from the Republic of Moldova, from the university who published scientific articles with a broad theme and who through their articles contributed to the prestige of the journal, on a national and international level;

– to all readers who had the curiosity to read this journal, appreciate it or criticize it etc.


We propose to look optimistically towards the future, even if it is unpredictable, to think of a quiet, generous future, with many professional and family satisfactions, with full health, with generous expectations, with harmony in the communities where we live and work, with celebration at every appearance of the journal, with everything we want to create and have Beauty, Truth, Goodness, Prosperity, Gratitude for our work and our peers… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!!!



Mariana Marinescu

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