Smart Cities and Regional Development (SCRD) Journal , Vol 2 No 2 – 2018

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mai 2018



Smart! Everything is smart these days because the innovation and creativity are the most important added values of everything. Smart city is a new concept under the umbrella of innovation and creativity in urban areas and the main reason to use this concept is the need for transformation and evolution of the city. The transformation of urban area under the influences of innovation and creativity in the direction of sustainability and increasing the quality of life could be a definition for smart city.
Smart city is not only the usage and application of technologies, but it is also the new approach in terms of local administration and urban life. This new approach has, now, few key words as: sustainability, quality of life and environmental impact.
The technological progress and the fantastic evolution of computer science and artificial intelligence open the door for new concepts as smart city is. These technical tools facilitate the new approach of smart city through the collection of data (real time and accurate data), the processing of data and, the most important component, the decision-making support. Automation in the city helps us to develop the smart city components and to change the mentality of citizens as well as the administrative staff.
All smart city models have in their composition the people, as the main vector of the city, the governance, as the main force in steering the city on the best evolutionary way and the mobility, as the main component for a dynamic city and dynamic urban life. All these three main elements of the smart city need the education framework for changing the mind, for open the creativity forces and for innovation in urban areas.
The journal Smart Cities and Regional Development (SCRD) is an academic initiative and the role of this journal is to define the concept of smart city and to facilitate the knowledge exchange among the main actors involved in smart city development, acting as an academic platform. The importance and the role of this knowledge exchange platform is a result of the complexity of the concept as well as the diversity of scientific and industrial domains involved in smart city and urban development.
Associate Professor Florin NEMȚANU


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