EAST-WEST DIALOGUE Individual and Society through Ages. Second edition

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mai 2021



Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Conference EAST-WEST – MULTITOPIC – DIALOGUE. Second edition. Bridging the Divide. Individual, Peoples, Cultures, Traditions, Mindsets, Societies through Ages. Hyperion University of Bucharest, Bucharest, June 7th 2019


Of all the bipolarities defining the general trends of cultural development in the modern world, the one of greatest significance refers to the “East-West” divide. The multiplicity of cultural worlds that represents humanity tends to be recast into the meta-cultural East-West dichotomy. According to the particular situation, this dichotomy may show itself through the interaction-opposition or interaction-dialogue between cultures, with nature of the interaction dependent upon the specific conditions of the contact between these cultures, their knowledge and abilities, and their understanding of each other. It is well known that this kind of bipolarity has been a source of destructive historical events (such as in the Balkans in Europe, the Maghreb countries, etc.). However, history also offers some examples which prove the existence of the possibility of dialogic – or even trialogic – confrontation resolution (for example, the synthesis from which Moorish culture was formed when Spain was conquered by the Arabs or the Métis in the Americas). Thus, the measure of constructive contact between the East and the West depends on the extent of mutual understanding of Western and Eastern cultures as they come into contact with each other – that is bridging the divide be it on individual or societal level. Particular and specific features in the images of the East and the West should not negate things which are universal and general, that are inherent to humanity as a race. Detection of universal origins in Western and Eastern cultural traditions, as well as the comparative analysis of specific features in the subsequent development of these cultures, is one of the most important tasks of the modern Humanities.

It was in 2018 when the History specialization of Hyperion University of Bucharest inaugurated this international conference on East-West Dialogue, which turned to be a great success in terms of reception. It thus led to the publishing of its Proceedings volume, followed by the 2019 edition of the conference – East-West: A Multitopic Dialogue. Bridging the Divide. Individual, Peoples, Cultures, Traditions, Mindsets, Societies through Ages – organized by the Faculty of Social, Humanistic and Natural Sciences, Hyperion University of Bucharest, Romania. The 2019 edition enjoyed a larger international participation and audience, with international guests and participants from eight countries. We pushed the cultural boundaries further and continue to open ourselves up to the whole world, as Citizens of the World, either coming from the West, or from the East.


Prof. dr. Renata G. TATOMIR

General Organizer of the Conference

and Editor of the Proceedings

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